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about us


Vulcan United is a new raising company with the mission to bring high quality products into the modern-day lifestyle. We are based in the central heart of Southern California, where we manufacture aluminum windows and doors to provide affordable price but yet still achieving high-end products to customers.

The strength

The strength of the company is the designs of beautiful aluminum windows and doors that would broaden the horizon of natures into a living space with a clarity of unobstructed view. The uniqueness about the company is a clear understanding of what true beauty really means when spaces are divided by windows and doors for the comfort of living and yet life can still extend beyond spaces – undividedly.


In the world, where crowded spaces are the future of modern life. However, we can still adapt to the future with the modern innovation of Vulcan United aluminum windows and doors by applying it with our products simple design of open concept and bringing both the outside elements of nature with the inside comfort of living spaces into harmony as one.